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1853 Mitchell California with extended Utah

Place/Date: Philadelphia / 1853
Title: A New Map of the State of California, the Territories of Oregon, Washington, Utah & New Mexico
39.5 x 32 cm (15.5 x 12.5 in)
Hand color
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Important depiction of the west at a time of dramatic change, both in terms of geographic discovery and political and economic development. Includes the pre-Gadsden Purchase borders in lower Arizona and New Mexico. Numerous mining towns are named in California, including Auburn, Columa [sic], Marysville, Yuba City, Downieville, etc., plus many Native American tribal names.

Utah extends from the Rockies to the California border, and New Mexico from Texas to California; Salt Lake City perches on the east side of the Great Salt Lake.

This map is from the same plate as that for the map “Texas, Oregon, and California” (1846), with changes and additions. Washington territory was formed March 2, 1853. Not showing the Gadsden Purchase indicates that the date of the map is 1853. It appeared in an edition of Mitchell’s A New Universal Atlas.


Samuel Augustus Mitchell

Samuel Augustus Mitchell (1790 – 1868) was an American geographer and bookseller. Mitchell worked as a teacher before turning to publishing geography textbooks and maps. He became involved in geography after teaching and realizing that there were so many poor quality geographical resources available to teachers.

Thomas Cowperthwait & Co.

Condition Description

Fine condition, coloring bright.


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