1867 Inger - View of Great Salt Lake City

Important early view of Salt Lake City, Utah


View of Great Salt Lake City

Map maker:

Christian Inger; Philip Ritz

Place and Year:

Walla Walla (Washington Territory), 1867


78.5 x 35.5 cm (31 x 14 in)




Original colors

Condition Rating:


Part of set


This is a very rare 1867 Christian Inger view of Salt Lake City, Utah. The view illustrates Salt Lake City looking down Main Street as it appeared roughly 20 years following the arrival of the Mormons. The development, in such a short period of time, is remarkable as Inger's view illustrates and sprawling modern city. The Rocky Mountains are in the background and Great Salt Lake appears to the right. The Mormon Temple and Tabernacle are prominent at center, as is Brigham Young's House (Beehive House) and the old City Hall. Pasturelands fill the foreground and stage coaches ply the main thoroughfare.

This view features a notable and amusing play with perspective. The size of the horses in the foreground stage coach are relatively tiny when compared to, say the cattle and sheep at the same level. If corrected mathematically for proportion, the carriage in the foreground would be larger than the towering Mormon Temple at center!

This map was drawn by Christian Inger. It was published by Philip Ritz of Walla Walla, then in Washington Territory, and printed in Philadelphia by J. Toudy. This view is extremely rare. While the OCLC identifies numerous examples, almost all refer to a 1969 photographic reprint issued in Ithaca, New York, by Historic Urban Plans from an original in the Amon Carter Museum of Western Art, Fort Worth, Texas. The original 1867 issue, as here, is extremely rare and known in only a couple of examples, most held in instructional collections. Some examples have additional text under the imprint, but this may be exclusive to the 1969 reprint.


Very good. Professional restoration and re-margining.




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