1868 Britton & Rey - Map of the Outside Lands of the City and County of San Francisco

1868 Britton & Rey foundational map of the Outside Lands


Map of the Outside Lands of the City and County of San Francisco Showing Reservations Selected for Public Purposes, under the Provisions of Order No. 800

Map maker:

Committee on Outside Lands of Board of Supervisors, Britton & Rey

Place and Year:

San Francisco, c. 1868


75 x 57 cm (29.5 x 22.5 in)





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Interesting map created just after the lands to the west of the boundary of the 1851 Charter line were turned over to San Francisco following years of legal disputes.

Warren Heckrotte describes the map in some detail, noting that the map:

"Shows the city from the Bay to Pacific Ocean and bounded in south by four league line (this runs a little north of Sloat from 15th Ave. to the Ocean), San Miguel Rancho and Bernal Rancho. The outside lands were the lands outside the boundary of the 1851 Charter line. All of the outside lands are laid out in streets. Each of the Committee members has a street named after him. A curious feature is that no. 7 in the list of institutions is City Hall and Library bounded by Portero and Nebraska and Nevada and Sierra Streets."

Golden Gate Park and Buena Vista Park are located but labeled only 'Park.' There is an unlabeled dotted line that runs irregularly through what is the Sunset District and an unlabeled solid line that runs a different irregular line through the Sunset District; the former represents a line of sand drift and the latter traces the Spring Valley Flume that came in from San Mateo County.

The map identifies the following members of Committee -- each becoming a street name in Haight Ashbury:

Chas. H. Stanyan
A.J. Shrader
Beverly Cole
Chas. Clayton
Monroe Ashbury


Laid on linen.




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For a different example that has been georeferenced: http://davidrumsey.georeferencer.com/maps/54459460205/view#339924271972