1893 Fisher & Co. Agents - Map of Sutro Heights Lots for Sale

1893 Fisher & Co. Agents - Map of Sutro Heights Lots for Sale

1893 map of Richmond District lots for sale with reference to Sutro Baths


Map of Sutro Heights Lots for Sale By Will E. Fisher & Co. Agents. 14 Post St. Terms $25 Balance In Monthly Installments of $10 Each Interest At The Rate of 7%

Map maker:

Bosqui Eng. Co.

Place and Year:

San Francisco, 1893


53.4 x 44.5 cm (21 x 17.5 in)





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Rare printed promotional map advertising land for sale in Sutro Heights in the Richmond District, covering the area west of 32nd Avenue and north of Golden Gate Park.

Although there is no date printed on the prospectus on the verso, the text notes that the "Sutro Baths will open January 1st" which establishes the date as 1893, as the Baths were originally scheduled for opening January 1, 1894 but were delayed two years because of Sutro's dispute with the railroad. The subdivision sales hype on the verso is classic Californiana--Sutro Heights is so well known to every resident of San Francisco that the offering of this tract is sure to find many buyers. A glance at the map will show its importance either for speculation or residence...Successful operators in real estate...follow the fixed principle of buying only in those sections to which railroads are building and they always make money...All the cable lines are constructing extensions to this property and very soon the same advance will occur which has always followed the extension of the railroads to other sections. The lots were being sold for $25.00 down and $10.00 a month [duration not mentioned] with the additional promise that purchasers of lots can make arrangements to have houses erected on a system of easy monthly payments. 

A remarkable bit of San Franciscana and an attractive real estate promotional issued by one of California's greatest real estate promoters.


Very good condition.