1883 von Leicht - Plat of the Pueblo Lands of San Francisco finally confirmed to the City Of San Francisco [manuscript]

Remarkable 1883 manuscript map of land grants in San Francisco


Plat of the Pueblo Lands of San Francisco finally confirmed to the City of San Francisco. Surveyed under instructions from the U.S. Surveyor General by F. von Leicht, U.S. Dep. Surv. in December 1883 Containing 17754 36/100 Acres.

Map maker:

Ferdinand von Leicht

Place and Year:

San Francisco, 1883


68 x 129 cm (26¾ x 50¾ in)




Hand colored details

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Manuscript map in black and red ink with hand-coloring in outline on verso, which shows through faintly to the recto, evidently as intended; on drafting linen, folded.

Manuscript plat map of San Francisco confirming the lands awarded to the city in the long-standing multi-faceted dispute between grantees, squatters, the federal government, and the City and County of San Francisco. The plat shows Part of Rancho San Miguel; Rancho Rincon de las Salinas Portrero Viejo; the Presidio Military Reservation; Charter Line of 1850; Point San Jose Military Reservation; and a number of early roads, etc. There is a "Description of Lands included within the Exterior Boundaries of the Pueblo of San Francisco" at upper left, with a key showing 15 grants and tracts. A table at right gives precise description of boundaries of the Pueblo Lands. There is printed version, of smaller size, in the San Francisco Municipal Reports for 1886-87, which volume also contains an article on the pueblo lands.

Among the grants and tracts shown in the key are: The Presidio, Point San Jose Military Reservation, Two Lots in the City (confirmed to Jacob P. Leese et al May 29, 1857), Part of Rancho Rincon (confirmed to Jose Cornelio Bernal August 4th 1857), Part of Rancho Miguel (Jose de Jesus Noe December 4th 1856), Ojo de Agua Figueroa (Juana Briones Miranda et al. January 14th 1876), 2 tracts of land at Mission Dolores (Joseph C. Allemany, Archbishop April 4th 1857), Tract of Land at Mission Dolores (C.S. de Bernal et al, July 27th 1863), Lot in Mission Dolores (Francisco de Haro August 3rd 1863), Suerte en Dolores (heirs of Francisco Guerrero Palomares April 16th 1861), Fifty lots in Mission Dolores (Francisco de Haro May 10, 1861), Lot in Mission Dolores (Candelario Valencia July 31st 1882), Lot in Mission Dolores (Elizabeth de Zaldo July 31st 1882), Carmaritas (Ferdinand Vassault et al June 26th 1882). Areas in acres also shown, along with the grant locations.


Some light foxing, a little wear at one of the folds, very good.