1887 Britton & Rey - Guide Map of the City of San Francisco

1887 Britton & Rey - Guide Map of the City of San Francisco

Excellent 1887 Britton & Rey map of San Francisco with rare depiction of the Bay District Racing Track


Britton & Rey's Guide Map of the City of San Francisco. 1887. Copyright. (with) Index to Street Guide Map of San Francisco, Cal. by Britton & Rey

Map maker:

Britton & Rey

Place and Year:

San Francisco, 1887


61 x 49 cm (24 x 19.2 in)




Original colors

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This is one of the most attractive late 19th century maps of San Francisco we have seen, and rare at that! Only 3 examples are listed in OCLC.

This example is missing the patented fabric strip that was originally attached to the cover. However, the quality of the cover book and method of attachment remain.

All the hallmarks of pre-1906 maps of San Francisco are found on this map, stylishly and expertly presented by the preeminent engravers operating in the city at this time. Notable features include ranchos, the cemeteries at Lone Mountain, the Southern Pacific Railroad lines arriving from the southern peninsula, the Alms House Tract (Laguna Honda hospital today), Spring Valley Water Company reservoir, and more.

Several spurious street names are shown in the Marina, including Tonguin and Lewis. These were planned to be on landfill but were never actually created; Tonguin street is instead Marina Boulevard and Lewis is Marina Green Drive.

Also, interesting is the depiction of the Bay District Race Track (between First Avenue, Fulton Street, Fifth Avenue and Point Lobos Road), which opened in 1874 to great fanfare with a $25,000 race — the largest purse ever offered in America. By the time this map was published, the race track was near its end (officially in 1895), and indeed on the map we see the city grid superimposed on the course. By 1900, developer Fernando Nelson had purchased much of the area and begun building homes, many of which are still there today.


Folding map; minor wear.