Neatline uses a standard system for grading the condition of maps and atlases:

  • Fine suggests that the map is flawless and in essentially perfect original condition. We use the fine designation very rarely. To earn this grade, the map must be a beautiful example of a map with no flaws.

  • VG+ means that the map has only the most minor defects. A small amount of marginal soiling, a bit of reinforcement to a centerfold or minor marginal tear or some similar defect at most.

  • VG means the map has minor defects. These may range from minor soiling and foxing to a well repaired tear or very minor facsimile work.

  • VG- suggests a relatively significant defect, including a fairly serious tear, staining, soiling etc. The map is all present and still in a collectable condition.

  • Good suggests loss of image, significant soiling or damage, but still worthy of consideration for a collector.

  • Poor suggests that there is significant loss of image, burn marks or other factors which significantly detract from the map.


Neatline guarantees that items are as described. All items offered are genuine antiquarian maps published at or around the date specified.


Any item may be returned providing we are notified within 7 days of your receiving it.

Returned items should be returned in the same condition received and via the same shipping method sent, and must be shipped adequately insured.

All items are offered subject to prior sale. Price and availability are subject to change.