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Colton's fabulous 1882 large-format railroad map in four parts with old Stanford slipcase.

Place/Date: New York / 1882
Title: Colton’s Intermediate Railroad Map of the United States
136 x 228 cm (53½ x 82 in)
Original color
Condition Rating


A close look at the incredible detail in this map and it is easy to understand why the railroad maps of the Colton firm were so commercially successful, with thousands of sales between 1850 and 1887. The information includes indications of drainage, international, state and county boundaries, cities and towns.

Above all, this was a map for travelers, to be used while planning and taking a journey. For this use the accuracy and thoroughness of railway routes was essential and this map does not disappoint. Railroads are plotted with names of stops labeled offset along the line and routes under construction are indicated by dashed lines.

OCLC/WoldCat lists only two copies, at the Library of Congress and Pennsylvania State University.

Condition Description

Printed on 8 sheets, joined into 4 sheets, backed with linen and sectioned for folding, with old slipcase of English bookseller Edward Stanford. The 4 sheets each measure approx. 68 x 114 cm (26¾ x 41 in) plus margins. Slight toning and dust soiling, a few neat repairs, a few short splits at dissections, very good.


Ristow, Walter W. American Maps and Mapmakers: Commercial Cartography in the Nineteenth Century. Detroit, MI: Wayne State University Press, 1985; pp. 318-21, fig. 19-10. Modelski, Railroad Maps of the United States, #60.

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